Anna by Liza Voll-13“There are no words to describe how valuable your mentorship has been in the past years. You have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself”NSB Alumni


“NSB has made me the dancer and person I am today. Each new year I felt like I loved dance even more. You inspired me to do my best and taught me the importance of a stong sense of self pride. I will hold that with me my entire life”NSB Alumni


“The studio was a place for me to be comfortable with myself. NSB provided an atmosphere where I could take risks, experiment, and learn with support and encouragement from others without feeling judged or pressured. This experience has allowed me to prepare for life on a broader and deeper level.”... NSB Alumni


“Thank you for all you have done to encourage, nurture, teach and foster my daughter’s love for dance. The faculty has made her training such a positive experience”Parent


“The impact you have made on my children’s lives is unbelievable…please know I’m forever grateful”Parent


“Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to create and perform, it has meant so much to be embraced by your wonderful community”Accompanist


“Ever since I can remember NSB has been a part of my life. As I write this I’m starting to cry. I cannot imagine not coming to the school everyday next year when I attend college out of state. NSB has taught me so much and the studio was an amazing place to grow up. I’m very grateful for all the time that you put into mentoring me and I’m sure that what I have learned will serve me beyond ballet.” NSB Alumni


“NSB has given me so many opportunities to show others my love and passion for dance. During the times I doubted myself the faculty at NSB pushed me to succeed and to never give up. You have taught me to never stop believing in myself. I hope that in years to come I will be able to positively influence the lives of young girls and boys as you have with all the little kids you teach with big dreams.” NSB Alumni 


“Some of the most important things I’ve learned through my training with NSB are dedication and work ethic. These qualities have carried over into all aspects of my life, especially now that I’m doctor.”NSB Alumni


“Their artistry, technique and depth are way beyond their years. Your students are destined for greatness”… Mark Roxey, Artistic Director of Roxey Ballet


“The instruction at NSB is quite impeccable… I received a lot of individual attention in a warm-hearted manner. Each faculty member pushed me to improve my technique, and my training was personal. Not only did I excel in ballet, but because of my exposure to other dance forms at the school I’m a very well rounded dancer. This has helped me in my career ….I owe everyone at NSB my infinite thanks!”… NSB Alumni


“My teachers at NSB all encouraged me and made me realize that dancing professionally was a possibility. I received the same if not better training at NSB than other prestigious ballet institutions I have attended throughout my training. Not only did the teachers at NSB make sure I did my best, but made sure I had fun…this combination made me mentally and physically ready to pursue a career in dance.”…  NSB Alumni


“To me NSB is my second home and second family”… NSB Alumni


“Beyond the technical preparation NSB gave me, what helped me even more was the fact growing up in the school was like being a member of a big extended family. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie between students….I remain friends with all of them”NSB Alumni