NSB Closed until May 3, 2020

Dear NSB Students, families and friends, 

All of us at Northeast School of Ballet are thinking of you and hope you are well. Many of us are going through so many emotions at home trying to cope with our current situation. We understand the stress you are experiencing and it is our hope starting Monday 3/30 that we can provide an outlet for our students to express themselves through dance when in isolation. The classes sent between 3/30 – 4/4 will be available to you for muscle memory until we can return to the studio. You will receive an email from nsbvirtuallearning@gmail.com with a link to pre-recorded classes with their teachers. We will also continue to share classes and ideas to help our students stage engaged on the Northeast School of Ballet’s Facebook page.

NSB faculty members have pre-recorded the classes from either their home or our studio to keep the art of dance present in our children’s lives. We know that we can not individually instruct our students virtually and that the class links shared with you are not a substitute for dance training. Our videos are simply designed to give our students something to work on, bring some familiar faces and voices into their world and hopefully allow for an escape into something that brings them joy. We know the power arts have in our society and the enormous healing potential. 

With Governor Baker issuing a “shelter in place” until the return to school on May 4th, I would like to address some of your questions and concerns. Below are the cancelations and postponements concerning NSB’s spring events. 

-NSB’s Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase, April 18-19, are canceled. We are unsure if our children will be returning to school this year, and therefore unable to reschedule with the theater, J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts (Andover High School). If we can return to school and dance, before June 19th, NSB plans to have an in-house demonstration for each class to perform for their parents. Ballet skirts and accessories will be provided. Costumes for the showcase will not be purchased. If you have paid your costume fee you will be reimbursed. 

-Exchange Program to Florida, April 28 – May 3, is postponed to the 2020-2021 season. Northeast School of Ballet and the Florida Ballet are working together to reschedule for their conservatory programs during the 2021 winter/spring term. All deposits given to NSB for the exchange program will be refunded. 

-Classes lost during COVID 19 Pandemic. When allowed to return to life as normal, NSB is offering makeup classes through the summer months. 

-NSB’s Summer Programs. To date, NSB is going forward with all summer programs offered. If anything should change and we are forced to cancel, you will receive a notification. If NSB is forced to cancel their programs all deposits will be returned to you. 

I sincerely want to thank all of you for your beautiful emails, phone conversations, and letters during this unprecedented time. You have given me hope for our local and global arts organizations dealing with canceled classes, performances, fundraisers, events and spring seasons. We are all facing financial hardship and have real concerns about our future. Over the past 49 years, our small non-profit art organization has persevered through difficult times and I believe with the support of the community we will be able to continue our programs, learn from this experience, and recover. I am remaining optimistic and look forward to sharing the art of dance and all its humanity to the next generation. 

Take care of each other,  

Denise Cecere and all of us at NSB 



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