The Conservatory at NSB

The Conservatory at NSB is designed for career oriented dancers ages 13 to 18 who are at a crucial point in their development. This advanced level of training allows young artists the opportunity to mature before entering the inevitable challenges of professional careers and higher education in dance.
Students are involved in daily classes taught by NSB’s artistic staff, principal faculty members, and guest master teachers. They have a total of 27 hours of instruction during the week Monday through Saturday. The dancers follow a daily schedule from 8:30am-5:00pm. The curriculum provides a comprehensive dance education focusing primarily on classical ballet. Classes are taught in ballet technique, pointe, pas de deux, classical variations, men’s virtuoso technique, repertoire, modern, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, improvisational skills, and Pilates. It is imperative to have a healthy environment for all participants. As such, the program works closely with faculty and staff to meet the educational, emotional and physical demands placed on young dancers during these formative years of study. Invited faculty will also lecture during the season on injury- prevention techniques, dance history, nutrition, kinesiology, music education and guidance counseling.
The Conservatory at NSB requires an intense concentration and dedication to daily training and rehearsals in addition to supporting the dancers academic schedules. NSB’s academic mentor, Meghan Jenkins, helps students navigate their online studies Monday-Friday in the am.

If you are interested in learning more about NSB’s Conservatory, call 781 944-9100 to schedule an evaluation with director, Denise Cecere.