NSB proof_Apr2013_124Placement: Students will be placed in classes which are appropriate for their level of physical and mental development. If at any time the director feels that the placement is incorrect, the student will be changed to the appropriate level. Conferences should be scheduled by appointment.

Attendance: Students are required to take ALL classes offered in their level so that they may continue to advance technically. If they cannot participate due to illness or injury, we advise them to watch if possible. If a student is recovering from an injury, NSB requires a Doctor’s letter stating any restrictions, if any, to return to class. Classes are not transferable and there are no refunds for classes missed for any reason. In the case of absence, please email or call the school and leave a message with your reason for absence prior to class time. Make up classes for snow days, holidays during the week (not on vacation time) must be scheduled in the same level or lower level in the same term in which they were missed.

Notices & Cancellations: Important school notices will be sent home electronically through email. Notices and schedules, including changes, will also be posted on the school bulletin board. If the Reading Public Schools are cancelled because of snow, NSB classes will automatically be cancelled. Cancellation message will be left on the studio’s voice mail and facebook page. Students may make up snow days in another class during the term.

Vacations & Holidays: We DO NOT observe Monday holidays unless the class is notified. The Conservatory academic study period DOES observe Monday holidays. Regular school vacations will be observed. Thanksgiving: Nov. 27-29th; Nutcracker performance week: Dec.8th-15th, Holiday Break: Dec.23rd-Jan 1st; Winter break: Feb 17th-22nd; Spring break: April 20th-25th and May 25th, Memorial Day. If your child’s class falls on a school holiday, (except for Dec./Feb./April breaks) or performance date, you are entitled to make up the class hours anytime within the semester. 

Facility: NSB’s Studios are conveniently located in historic downtown Reading, MA. At 32 Lowell Street, RT 129. Students will take classes in beautifully renovated air-conditioned studios that feature sprung floors and high ceilings. The Church, built in 1913, is a registered historical building with Neo-Gothic architecture, including European inspired carved word work, beautiful stained glass windows and a traditional arched cathedral sanctuary.* NSB has rental rates for both studio space and functions.

Drop off and pickup procedures: Because of limited parking, NSB strongly urges parents to drop off and pick up their children. Students should be dropped off on the left side of Sanborn Street and walk to the side entrance of the building next to the driveway. Do not drop your child off on Lowell Street and have them cross. After class, students will wait in the lobby area for their parent or guardian to pick them up on the left side of Sanborn Street so there is no need to cross. Students will not be permitted to wait outside of the studio or cross Lowell Street. We strongly urge parents/guardians to be punctual when picking up their child(ren). There is NO parking on the right side of Sanborn Street or in the circular driveway; spaces are reserved for faculty members only. You may park in the town’s municipal parking lot adjacent to the building later in the day when Town Hall is not in use and on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

Transportation: Reading, MA is located 12 miles North of Boston easy access by automobile from 93 and 128. Reading is served by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA or the “T”). Commuter trains provide the Town with rapid transportation to and from Boston. The train depot is located on High Street opposite Haven Street, walking distance from NSB Studios. The MBTA also provides bus service to Malden where commuters can connect with the Orange Line directly to Boston. Use the on-line MBTA schedules and maps.

Tuition & Costume Fee: Enrollment in the school consists of two 18 week sessions. Tuition is payable upon registration. First session tuition is due no later than Sept. 9th, 2019. Second session tuition is due no later than Jan 27th, 2020. Students with outstanding accounts will not be admitted to class. Tuition is neither transferable nor refundable. Tuition includes registration fees, and lecture-demonstration fees. *Spring Showcase Fee: A fee of up to $50.00 per costume (For students studying jazz, tap, modern and ballroom) may be charged if the studio needs to purchase costumes. Dancers will be able to keep the costume if purchased for them.

Observation: Peek weeks are scheduled for Jan 27th-Feb.1st, 2020 and June 15th-20th, 2020

2020 Lecture-Demonstration and Showcase Dates: NSB’s Annual Showcase- Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at 7:30pm & NSB’s Annual Lecture-Demonstration-Sunday, April 19th, 2020 at 2:00pm.

Dress Code: Requirements must be followed. *Capezio will be at the Studio 9/5/2019 for all your dress code needs. 

All students must follow the required dress code below. No additional attire, accessories or jewelry should be worn in class or on stage. Girls should have their hair tied neatly back in a bun. Boys should not have hair hanging in face. 

Girls- *Pink Leather Slippers (Capezio or Bloch) *Black Motionwear Leotard * Body Wrappers Ballet-Pink Tights

Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Levels I & II-Black Leotard Motionwear #2200- Silkskin #497, Pink Tights: Body Wrappers-Ballet Pink #C80,

Levels III to VII – Black Leotard Motionwear # 2518L-Silkskin #497 (Adult) : Motionwear #2518C- Silkskin #497 (Child) *Body Wrappers Ballet Pink tights with seam: Child #C31,  Adult # A45  – Body Wrappers White Short Sleeve “snug fit” shirt style # B400 (boys),# M400 (Mens).  Black Biking Shorts (under 10),  Black M-Stevens tights (10yrs and up) Style # 1099,  white Ballet Slippers, White Thin Socks *No sports socks

-Conservatory Trainee Girls- Black and White Wear Moi “Diane” Camisole WM172, Black and White Bullet Pointe skirts

Tap – Beginning Students-Tan Tap Shoes; Int/Adv.-Black Oxford 

Jazz – Tan Oxford Jazz Shoes – no laces

Ballroom – Girls:  Black NSB Ballroom Skirt and Tan Satin latin Shoes. Boys: Black Dance Pants and black latin shoes